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Non-profit introduction

Thank you for your interest in the Spectacle of Trees.

Each holiday season various Cape Cod non-profits enter a Holiday Tree to be on display. The public can visit the Trees, donate to the tree(s) of choice by purchasing Tree Bucks. Each Tree Buck costs $10. On the last evening of the event, one lucky winner will be drawn from each ticket box. That person will win the tree and all of the gifts that go with it. Your non-profit receives 100% of the money (Tree Bucks) that went into your box.

What do you have to do? We will provide you with a basic, un-decorated tree and you work your magic. The beauty and creativity HAS to be as much a part of the event as donations and winning! We have over 30 combined years doing this event and will be there to help and support you every step of the way.

You supply the gifts that you want to go with it. In past years such gifts have included electronics, vacations, services, artwork, kayaks, gifts cards, lottery tickets, sporting event tickets and cash (limited to NO MORE than $1,000). This is to keep a level playing field for non-profits of all sizes and also not “commercialize” the event. Gifts you can include are limited by your own imagination. Most groups get these gifts through a combination of purchasing and donations. The Tree overall value can’t be more than $5,000.

Also, your organization will be responsible for “staffing” the display from open to close a certain number of days to be divided equally among participating groups. The duties there include keeping an eye on the trees, talking to the public about the event and selling Tree Bucks.

Your organization can also sell Tree Bucks outside of the event. These can be sold to your supporters, donors, friends, family, etc. directly and you know those donations will go into your donation box. You buy these upfront and get your money back when you sell them. We will not be responsible for lost/stolen Tree Bucks. These will be available mid-June.

You can also bring in money by getting sponsors. Each group can get up to 3 sponsors at $1,500 each. Each sponsor will get an 8.5” x 11” sign placed in front of your tree, listing on our event website & social media and every benefit as an organization you can provide (including your website and social media)

There is a non-refundable $500 entry/commitment fee.  Any additional event costs will be divided equally among non-profits and deducted from your final donation amount. Space is limited and commitments are due no later than April 1.

Then the big question – how much money can you make? The key is how many tickets you can sell and how much your tree is desired. In 2023, groups averaged $10,000.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to you further and hope you join us in our effort to support our worthy Cape Cod nonprofits! Please email or call 508-681-2019.